My Personal Message To You...

"Leadership is a Lifestyle!"

My Mission is to help leaders perform at higher levels to better serve their organizations and their community. Many leaders, in my experience, lack knowledge of the fundamental skills of leadership because they've never been taught and then coached in how to develop and then leverage these skills. Even experienced and effective leaders need a 'tune up' on occasion to get "re-grounded" in the fundamentals, and reminded as to their 'why' and of their impact on others.

My passion and purpose in life is to help leaders of all levels understand how important they are in terms of setting the example and developing the leaders of tomorrow. As leaders, we are modeling traits and behaviors to the emerging leaders in our respective communities, and they are watching us closely!

I'm passionate about leadership and helping others perform better. I've been a coach and motivator for over 30 years, working with top performers in athletics and business alike to achieve their goals. The success of my client is my #1 Focus, and It's an absolute honor and privilege to be trusted as their coach and mentor.

If my mission and purpose resonates with you and you're ready to optimize your performance or that of your team, please reach out to me and let's connect."

Coach Troy Jacobson
Executive Coach

Leadership is a Lifestyle

Schedule a call to  talk about what is important to you.
  • Help you improve your skills as a leader in order to have a greater impact on both your career and on your organization.
  • ‚ÄčTalk about and accelerate the growth of your business through a proven strategic planning process.
  • Train the leaders on your team to be more effective in managing others and to build a culture of trust, integrity and excellence.
  • Develop and deploy strategies to grow both personally and professionally with accountability.

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