The "What"

Our Giant NEXT LEVEL OUTREACH involves researching and isolating your most highly qualified prospects from your 1st level LinkedIn connections that have come from our initial outreach for you.

We will research your connections and qualify them based on company revenue and headcount and build out a complete touch point campaign to these specific prospects. Our outreach will involve a compelling offer from you and we will track and review all activity.

The "Why"

Through our initial lead generation campaigns, you will build up a vast network of 1st level connections.

You then have the opportunity to target your most qualified 1st level connections with a compelling offer designed to engage with them. Your existing network needs to be constantly nurtured and kept "warm" which will give you the most effective opportunity to convert.

Delivering a compelling offer that resonates with your prospects will set you apart and generate awareness of YOU and drive interest.

The "How"

1. A Giant team member will be assigned to research & identify your top prospects from your 1st level connections based on company headcount and revenue

2. We will collect emails and phone numbers

3. We will add your prospect list to a shared master prospect document in your Giant Hub
4. We'll work with you to create your compelling offer

5. We will develop outreach copy for multiple touches

6. Once the campaign is fully organized, we will begin the outreach which includes email, direct messages on LinkedIn and tracking of all activity
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